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Hello! My name is Prontip Larson. I believe that you do not have to sacrifice style for function.  Who is to say that a humble business card cannot be fun and stylish? I see the beauty in everything from shiny buildings to lowly rocks on the ground. Each and everything is created. Some might say that creativity comes from the right brain, but I believe you need the logic and order of the left brain to bring it to life. And with life comes function.  I’m constantly amazed by new inventions that are the essence of the marriage between the right and the left brain. It is all around us in this modern world we live in.


I have been blessed in recent years to have my work seen on the shelves of iconic retailers like Wal-mart, Menards, Big Lots, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. But it's not limited to store shelves. My designs have also been featured on Good Morning America, The View, and HSN.


I am most at peace when I can interact with beauty, technology, and function.  And I hope that is what I bring to the world with my creations. So if you are looking for a graphic designer with a personal touch, you are in the right place.

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